My mediocre attempts to blog

Even after a year of inactivity, this is still my most visited blog.

I have been making things, but at a much slower and less frequent rate than when I first got into modular origami. Mostly I’ve been making Hello Kitty models and little daggers; things that don’t take very long.

Let’s try to get this going again though, shall we?


I’m sorry!

You’ve probably noticed that I have been extremely inactive on this blog.

I guess a simple sorry won’t suffice.

I started moving everything to a tumblr blog, but not quite everything. I don’t want to make a blog solely dedicated to my origami, at least not anymore. I might change my mind in the future, but for now, I am going to move my origami to my somewhat new WordPress blog, Words, Ink, and Paper.

Everything is still under construction. I’m working on it.

I’m working on school too. Midterms coming up and term papers to write.

3D Origami Pencil

If I hadn’t specified in the title, please let me know that this looks like what I say it is. After having three people stare at a picture without a clue, I finally changed the top part. Hopefully it looks more like a pencil now.

Excuse the poor-quality photo. Hopefully I’ll have time to take another one.

The reason I made this was because the owl in which I put some of my pencils and pens in is not staying together. The top pieces aren’t sticking and I don’t want to fold new pieces to replace them. So the first thing I thought of was a pencil to hold my pencils and pens.

And yes, I designed this all by myself. I’m a big girl now.

Maybe that’s why nobody can tell what it is, because I came up with the design… bah.

Inverted base (not shown).
Each level is 24 units.

3D Origami Toy Story Alien

This alien is from Pixar’s Toy Story. I attempted to make an actual hole for the mouth, but it didn’t work out so well and I substituted with black pieces instead. I also had some green pieces of a different shade and I attempted to form a smile around the ‘gaping’ hole. However, due to difficulties, taking pieces apart and putting them back together, I completely forgot about the subtle smile and they ended up mixed up and scattered. But that’s okay; the off-coloured pieces aren’t that noticeable. The body required twenty units per level, and the head twenty-eight units per level.

Here is a blurry top view.

A side view.

And a bottom view. You can see that I made a bit of a mistake with the base ring. I used an inverted base (the white units).


The Claw

I have side-view pictures of this Toy Story Alien as well, but those are still on my camera and who knows how long it will take until I find the motivation to upload them onto my computer?

This was a birthday present to my friend, hence my tardiness in posting a picture.

Body: 20 units
Head: 28 units

Ears were attached through slits I made in the head.