Biplane and Master Sword

I don’t know why I forgot to post my airplane after I “finished” it. All the parts and pieces are complete. It was just a matter of gluing it all together and making it stay. Unfortunately something happened and I became too frustrated to continue trying to keep the wheels on. Parts of the tail and the wings require a certain pattern that I have never seen before this model, and so I was having a little trouble with it. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I couldn’t get some edges to be entirely straight, or for it to stay together as firmly as I would have liked.

Gluing was a very difficult process. I was actually patient this time. If anybody attempts this model, please let me know in what order you glued the parts in. 

I also completed my Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda yesterday (September 7th). I have no idea how big it would actually be, but I imagine that this piece is life-sized anyway. Unfortunately, I cannot wave it around and sword fight with it. Despite most of the pieces being fit together quite well, the blade is quite long and will not support itself.

Yesterday was also the day when glue decided to stop cooperating with me. Usually glue takes forever to dry, but yesterday it felt like the moment I applied some glue to reinforce the handle or parts of the blade, all the pieces would stick together. It wouldn’t have been such a big problem if I hadn’t stuck the hilt (which I had kind of split in half in order to apply some glue onto one of the levels) on incorrectly. I ended up jamming it back together after many failed attempts. Also, I had to fold some new triangles because I had to rip some in order to take them out to reconnect the whole thing. Overall, it wasn’t a very good experience near the end.

Even though the sword didn’t turn out as epic as I had envisioned it to be, I still think it’s cool. Heck, it’s got the Triforce of Wisdom on it.

Next piece of 3DO weaponry: lightsaber. Probably won’t be remotely life-sized, and its existence will depend on what colours I have. I’m in the middle of making birthday and Christmas presents while I still have time.


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